Compresoare !


Ground Movement equipment, Road Making, Building Yards

Agricultural equipment


Diesel Engines


Garden equipment

Sweepers Municipal Machinery


Standard heat exchangers air-oil

Standard flat fin

Anti-clogging flat fin

High performance corrugated fin

High performance anti clogging corrugated fin
(square shaped,wavy,square-wavy etc)

Plate and bar coolers

Bulldozers, Dump trucks, Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Mini and Midi Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Crushers, Trash Compactors

    Tractors, Mixers, Harvesters

    Side Loaders, Reach Stackers, Lifters

    New developments

     Up to 2000 KW

     Golf Courses Machinery, Lawn Mowers


     Our heat exchangers are successfully used for the  cooling of industrial electric- and motor-compressor of the best brands with installed power up to 450 KW

Flat fin with alternated tube pattern for a good performance, durability, resistance ratio.

    Flat fin with “in line” tube pattern that allows the maximum passage and elimination of all the elements that could cause the clogging of the core (dirt, grass,

    Corrugated fin with high density and particular design to guarantee maximum cooling efficiency.

    Corrugated fin with exclusive design that achieves high cooling performance and optimal cleaning of the radiator. The ideal solution for high powered machinery that works in dirty environments.

     Several other fin designs are available in order to achieve an optimal trade of between the highest cooling performance and cleaning of the radiator for your specific application.